Following the publication of the Report of the Legal Advisory Group on Defamation in June 2003, it was decided to have a period of public consultation to allow all interested parties to comment on the substance of the recommendations contained in the report. As part of the consultation process, a conference was held on Monday, 1 December 2003, at the O'Reilly Hall in University College Dublin.

The following are addresses made by participants at the conference.


Minister's Address (Microsoft Word – 46KB) 


Towards a Fairer and More Efficient Defamation Regime in Ireland

Address from Hugh Mohan, S.C., Chairman of the Legal Advisory Group (Microsoft Word – 31KB)

Address from Gerard Hogan, S.C. (Microsoft Word – 36KB) 


Recommendations for a New Legislative Dispensation on Defamation

Recommendations for a New Legislative Dispensation on Defamation (Microsoft Word – 40KB) 

Address from Fergal Tobin, President of Clé and Publishing Director of Gill & MacMillan (Microsoft Word – 32KB) 

Address from the Regional Newspaper Association of Ireland (Microsoft Word – 38KB) 

Statutory Change or Statutory Stasis? A Paper by Eamonn Kennedy, Director of Legal Affairs at RTÉ (Microsoft Word – 57KB) 

Discussion and Feedback (Microsoft Word – 31KB) 


A Statutory Press Council for Ireland

Address from the National Newspapers of Ireland (Microsoft Word – 38KB) 

Address from the National Union of Journalists (Microsoft Word – 41KB) 

Address from Senator Maurice Hayes (Microsoft Word – 28KB)