The purpose of this Bill is to implement the provisions of EU Council Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to judgments in criminal matters imposing custodial sentences or measures involving deprivation of liberty for the purpose of their enforcement in the EU.

The Framework Decision is based on the principle of mutual recognition by EU Member States of final decisions in criminal matters imposing custodial sentences. The aims of the Framework Decision are: to enable a person on whom a custodial sentence or a measure involving deprivation of liberty has been imposed to return from the sentencing state to his or her state of ordinary residence without any adverse effect on the sentence or measure imposed; and to enhance the prospects of the sentenced person’s social rehabilitation. The Framework Decision is intended to make it easier to impose and enforce such sentences or measures on non-residents by providing legislative arrangements for Member States to recognise judgments and enforce the sentences imposed in another Member State.

Criminal Justice (Mutual Recognition of Custodial Sentences) Bill 2021