The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Mr. Dermot Ahern T.D., today launched a new website about Coroners and the service they provide.

The Minister said the aim of his Department is to improve at all times the information available to the public. The Minister said the site focused on providing information in a simple and quick way about the service Coroners provide to those affected by a sudden or unexplained death. This website and the accompanying leaflet is not only of immediate value to those bereaved but to Coroners and support services in assisting this very vulnerable group in our community at a difficult and sometimes tragic time.  

Minister Ahern said: "Anyone can at anytime be affected by a sudden or unexpected death. This website will help to give those people instant, practical information about why the Coroner is involved, who helps the Coroner, what stages are in the process and how this process may affect them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Coroners Society of Ireland and its members for their continued work in this difficult area and their help in developing this website as well as all the other organisations that assisted in developing the site and leaflet." 

The new website is 

29 December 2009

Note for Editors

This website was developed in consultation with the Coroners Society of Ireland and its members as well as other stakeholders. The aim of the site is to improve the information available to the public in relation to the service Coroners provide, why they become involved in a death, what their work involves and how this may impact on the next-of-kin and friends of the deceased.

The Coroner Service is a network of Coroners located throughout the country. Coroners are either qualified doctors or lawyers. Their job is to look into the circumstances of a sudden, unexplained, violent or unnatural death so that a death certificate can be issued. This may require a post mortem examination, sometimes followed by an inquest.

The Coroner Service Implementation Team is the Department's liaison unit for Coroners. It works with coroners on a day-to-day basis. The team are engaged with Coroners to improve the provision of the Coroners Service to the public and to plan for an enhanced service into the future.