Responding to the report prepared for the Immigrant Council of Ireland published today 29 May the Minister for Integration, Mr. Conor Lenihan, T.D., said that he welcomed the report as a further contribution to the debate in Ireland on the integration of migrants.

The Minister said that his policy statement Migration Nation published on 1 May and  the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill, currently before the Dail, had anticipated many of the recommendations in the report.

The Minister said " As examples the establishment of a cross departmental group to co-ordinate delivery of services, establishment of a standing advisory commission on integration to provide authoritive information on issues and the establishment of a Ministerial Council on Integration, composed entirely of migrants to Ireland are, in one way or another suggested, in the ICI report."

"Equally important is the engagement of local communities referred to in the ICI report and in the policy statement Migration Nation."

"Turning to a specific recommendation regarding undocumented workers the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform has already committed himself to the introduction of a scheme to enable persons in this category to apply to have their situations regularised, in advance of the coming into force of the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill."

"This report will, I am sure, be a valuable contribution to the work of the Task Force on Integration which I will shortly be appointing."

29 May,2008.

Note: Migration Nation - Statement on integration strategy and diversity management can be viewed/downloaded at www.