Minister Stanton participates in Employment for People from Immigrant Communities (EPIC) Graduation Ceremony
28th September 2016


The Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, Mr David Stanton TD, today participated in the Graduation Ceremony of the Employment for People from Immigrant Communities programme organised by Business in the Community.

In his address, the Minister congratulated Business in the Community on the success of the programme.  He also thanked those who partnered with Business in the Community in delivering it.  The Minister said: 

“EPIC is an innovative programme which aims to assist people from immigrant communities find employment or enter further education. I am delighted to see so many nationalities participate in the programme as employment is such a vital tool for integration. The EPIC programme is a great example of government, business and non-profit partnership.”

The Minister also congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of the programme and praised their commitment to participating successfully in the economic life of the State.

Finally, the Minister recalled that, on the 22nd of September, he had launched a call for applications under the new Operational Programme for the ESF – the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning, PEIL 2014-2020 for a project to improve the employment prospects of immigrants.

Notes for Editors

1.  EPIC is a programme to enhance the employment prospects of immigrants.  It is open to EEA nationals and holders of Immigration Stamp 4 i.e. persons who can work without the need for a work permit.  EPIC is run by Business in the Community.  Over 2,500 people from immigrant communities have engaged with EPIC since 2008, of which 68% have been successfully placed mostly in employment or further training.

2. It is funded by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration, for which Minister Stanton is responsible.  Funding is about €460,000 per year and part of this was recouped from the ESF in the past.  A new measure under the ESF PEIL programme will be commenced in the coming months and a call for applications for this was launched by the Minister on the 22nd of September.