21 November 2011

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Mr. Alan Shatter T.D., has laid the Annual Report on the activities of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) for 2010 before each House of the Oireachtas. This is CAB’s fifteenth Annual Report since its establishment in 1996.

Commenting on the report, the Minister said, "The Criminal Assets Bureau Annual Report for 2010 once again highlights the success of the Bureau in targeting the proceeds of criminal activity in this jurisdiction. 

The Government’s ongoing support of the Bureau’s activities is reflected in the current Programme for Government commitment to further strengthen the powers of the Bureau. A review of the Proceeds of Crime legislation underpinning the operation of the Bureau is continuing with a view to concluding proposals which will give effect to this commitment."

As highlighted in the Report, at international level the Bureau continues to work closely with similar agencies in other jurisdictions to identify, track down, and seize assets gained through criminal activity. In referring to this the Minister further stated that "The effectiveness of the Bureau’s non-conviction based model in confiscating the proceeds of crime has gained much recognition, not only within the State, but also on the international stage. I am therefore pursuing an initiative at European level to establish a European wide non-conviction based confiscation regime similar to that of the Criminal Assets Bureau. I believe such a measure will add real value to European cooperation in targeting the proceeds of crime. " 

The Minister also drew attention to the Bureau’s ongoing engagement in cross-border cooperation fora such as the Cross Border Fuel Enforcement Group and the Tobacco Fraud Enforcement Group. The Minister commented that ‘cooperation between the law enforcement agencies, North and South, is of vital importance in securing a partnership approach in areas of mutual concern. The Annual Organised Crime Cross Border Seminar, to be held this week, continues to foster such close cooperation.’.

The full report is being made available on
 www.justice.ie. Previous Annual Reports for the Criminal Assets Bureau can also be viewed at this website.


Notes for Editors:

During the course of 2010, arising from Proceeds of Crime actions a total of approx. €3.1m was forwarded to the Minister for Finance. This money related to the collection of Section 4 and 4A Orders.

In addition the Bureau obtained;

· Interim orders to the value of over €7 million and Interlocutory Orders (final restraint orders) to the value of over 4.5 million.

· Taxes and interest collected was approximately €4 million.

· Social Welfare savings amounted to over €633,698 while €181,272 was recovered.

Since its statutory inception in October 1996 and up to 31st December 2010 the Bureau:

· has obtained interim orders to the value of over €62 million, £18,776,647 Stg, and US$ 6,633,049 and "final" restraint orders to the value of over €38,556,298, £3,007,250 Stg, and US$ 5,377,821.

· taxes and interest demanded was over €188 million, with over €133 million collected

· made social welfare savings of almost €5 million and recoveries of over €1.7 million.