The Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter TD, today announced his intention to appoint Mr. Dominic McGinn, Senior Counsel, to conduct an independent examination of the Report of the Garda Serious Crime Review Team relating to the death of Fr. Niall Molloy.

The terms of reference for the examination are—

1.         to conduct a review of the contents of the Report of the Serious Crime Review Team (hereinafter the "SCRT" Report) relating to the Garda investigation into the death of Fr Niall Molloy, and

2.         in the light of that review—

(a)        to prepare a report on any issues of public interest which may arise from the SCRT Report, with due regard to the rights of those involved, so as to facilitate the Reviewer’s Report being put into the public domain, and

(b)        taking into account existing mechanisms for the investigation of offences, to identify matters, if any, of significant public interest or concern which would warrant examination by a further inquiry and in respect of which such further inquiry would have a reasonable prospect of establishing the truth, and

3.         to submit the report mentioned at 2(a) above, together with a document identifying any matters referred to at 2(b) above, to the Minister for Justice and Equality as soon as possible.

19 December 2013