21 February 2017
The Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality Ms. Frances Fitzgerald T.D., today published the Healthcare in Irish Prisons report by the Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly, R.I.P. 
This was the final report of Judge Michael Reilly which was completed only days before he sadly passed away late last year. As with all of his reports, it provides a valuable perspective on what improvements can be made to our Prison system. 
Speaking on the publication, the Tánaiste said. 
“I welcome the publication of the Inspector of Prison’s Report on Healthcare in Irish Prisons. The report makes a number of timely recommendations regarding the provision of healthcare in prisons. I have recently been in discussions with my colleague the Minister for Health about a Review of Prison Healthcare. Such a Review will address many of the issues raised by Judge Reilly. Terms of Reference are being finalised. Once these are agreed and the Review is undertaken, I will be better placed to decide on how to proceed in terms of the recommendations of this report.” 
She continued: 
“I have known Judge Reilly for many years in a professional and personal capacity and his sudden passing was a huge shock to us all in the Justice family. 
While in recent years Judge Reilly’s primary work was as the Inspector of Prisons, he was a long standing and valuable public servant who had a distinguished career on the bench in both the District and Special Criminal Court. He was passionate about the work he did as the Inspector of Prisons and has produced a number of excellent reports which have helped to bring about many positive changes in the Prison Service. 
Judge Reilly conducted his work in an objective and professional manner that commanded the respect from not only those who worked closely with him but all those he had dealings with. Although he is no longer with us, the work he has done will stay with us and will impact positively on reforms in the Prison System long into the future. He will be sadly missed.”