20th March 2017


David Stanton, T.D., Minister of State with special responsibility for Equality, Immigration & Integration today announced the commencement of a public consultation exercise concerning controls governing realistic imitation firearms.


Announcing this review and public consultation, the Minister of State said


“Realistic Imitation Firearms pose a threat to public safety when misused.


While I recognise that law abiding members of the public gain enjoyment from the responsible use of Realistic Imitation Firearms such as at authorised airsoft venues, I want to protect this lawful use by ensuring the right regulatory framework is in place.


Today I am inviting all interested parties to express their views on matters such as sale, purchase and marking of Realistic Imitation Firearms”.


Under the public consultation process, which commences today, organisations or individuals wishing to contribute to the review are invited to send their submissions by 1st May 2017. Further details are provided in the invitation for submissions, which is published on the website of the Department of Justice & Equality, www.justice.ie, and may also be downloaded here - http://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/Pages/Public_consultation_on_controls_governing_realistic_imitation_firearms


Note for editors: Background


A). What is a Realistic Imitation Firearm?





B). Which laws currently apply to RIFs?


  1. Licensing of private possession and use by An Garda Síochána.
  2. Import/export under licence issued by the Minister for Justice and Equality.
  3. Sale through registered dealers.



C). Which aspects are currently unregulated?



D). What is the purpose of the Consultation?



The aim of the consultation is to inform the way forward in relation to the regulation of RIFs.