The eighth annual Cross-Border Public Protection Advisory Group (PPAG) Seminar is being held in Belfast today, Friday 10th November 2017.

The Seminar themed “Reducing reoffending – Working across borders and boundaries” provides an opportunity for staff working in public protection to enhance collaboration and share learning between criminal justice partners.

Speaking at the Seminar, Cheryl Lamont, Chief Executive of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) said she was delighted to host today’s event: “The annual PPAG seminar provides an opportunity for us to strengthen our networks and partnerships and look at what else we can do to share information and best practice to prevent reoffending.  As well as Probation, the Public Protection Advisory Group brings together staff from the Prisons, Justice Departments and Police and An Garda Síochána. Today we acknowledge what has been achieved across borders and boundaries and look to what we can achieve together in the future.”

Today’s seminar, held in the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings is host to representatives from across criminal justice in Ireland North and South, to consider new and innovative practice and explore ways to further develop and increase partnership working.

Commenting on this year’s Seminar, Vivian Geiran, Director of the Irish Probation Service, said: “Collaborative work has always been essential to what we do in probation.  The annual PPAG Seminar is a time to reflect on and celebrate how we already work together, North and South, as well as with our other partner Justice organisations. It also gives us a unique opportunity to further build on our existing interagency initiatives, to create safer, fairer and more inclusive communities.”                                       

The fourteenth edition of the Irish Probation Journal was also launched at the seminar. The Journal plays an important role in providing a forum for debate and dialogue and promoting the sharing of good practice in the broad criminal justice and social policy fields.


Note for Editors:      

The Public Protection Advisory Group [PPAG] which is jointly chaired by the Chief Executive of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the Director of the Probation Service, has organised today’s Seminar. This PPAG was established in 2006 to specifically address how increased cross-border co-operation could be taken forward and to implement the probation elements of the agreed work programme coming from Government.

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