The Magdalen Restorative Justice Ex-Gratia Scheme


The Magdalen Restorative Justice Ex-Gratia Scheme was established in 2013 on foot of the recommendations contained in the Magdalen Commission Report – otherwise known as the Quirke Report. That Report was a response to an Interdepartmental Government Committee report – otherwise known as the McAleese Report - set up to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries.


The Ex Gratia Scheme was established for the benefit of women who were admitted to and worked in the 10 Magdalen Institutions as well as St Mary’s Training Centre Stanhope Street and the House of Mercy Domestic Training School Summerhill, Wexford. For the purposes of the ex-gratia scheme, these twelve institutions are collectively called the ‘Magdalen institutions’.


Application of the Scheme to 14 Adjoining institutions

Arising from a recommendation made by the Ombudsman in his report on the operation of the ex gratia Scheme, the Government decided in May 2018 to apply the scheme to women who worked in the laundries of the 12 ‘Magdalen’ institutions but who were resident in one of 14 adjoining institutions.  In order to apply this decision, an Addendum to the terms of the 2013 ex-gratia scheme was published.


Status of applications under the Addendum as at Friday 12 July 2019

A total of just over €28.947m has been paid to 759 applicants.


Under the 2018 Addendum to the Scheme, 104 applications have been received. These comprise of 52 cases refused under the original scheme who may now be eligible, and 52 new applications. Of these, 21 have been deemed ineligible and 1 application has been withdrawn leaving a balance of 82 applications.

The position in relation to the remaining applications is as follows:

Application Status




Offers issued


In progress


Outstanding queries


Incomplete applications






If having read this Information note, you believe that you may be eligible for an award under the 2013 ex-gratia scheme or under the Addendum in respect of any of the institutions shown on the attached list you should complete one of the two application forms.  The first application form covers the 12 Magdalen institutions under the 2013 scheme and the second application form covers  the adjoining institutions covered by the Addendum.


Application forms can be sent to:


The Restorative Justice Implementation Team
Montague Court
7-11 Montague Street
Dublin 2
D02 FT96



You can contact a member of the team by ringing 01-476-8660