Older Citizens and the Issue of Crime

In November 2010, the Department of Justice and Equality held a consultation session with older citizens on the issue of crime. The session involved facilitated workgroups, each of which focused on a particular theme.

The 46 people who participated in the consultation session addressed a wide range of issues and participants raised many interesting points and suggestions. The Report on the Consultation Session with Older Citizens on the Issue of Crime was published in January 2011. The report groups the suggestions under these headings: personal security precautions, An Garda Síochána / law enforcement and the Community.


Summary of Consultation Outcomes – Report of the White Paper on Crime Consultation with Young People

In November 2010, the Department held a consultation session with young people on the issue of crime and crime prevention with the assistance of the Office for the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in the Department of Health and Children. The report White Paper on Crime Consultation with young people was published in April 2011.  The consultation methodology took into account best practice methodology in youth consultation and was managed on behalf of the Department by Coexist Ltd.

The participants addressed a wide range of issues and made suggestions as to how to respond to crime. The suggestions were grouped under the following headings: Drug and Alcohol use and related crime, Vandalism, Theft and Disruptive Behaviour, Sex Crimes, and Violent and Physical Crime.

Appendices to the report on the White Paper on Crime Consultation with young people - appendices

Please note this report contains colour charts and is best viewed or printed in colour.