Third Discussion Document 'Organised and White Collar Crime'

The discussion document 'Organised and White Collar Crime' is the third in a series of discussion documents to be published as part of the White Paper on Crime process.

The purpose of this discussion document

The purpose of this discussion document is to examine a range of criminal activity not covered in detail by the White Paper on Crime documents produced to date.  The emphasis in the earlier documents, and in the first in particular, was largely on volume or 'street crimes' such as assault, theft and public order offences.

While these impact greatly on individuals and communities in an immediate and obvious way, other types of criminal activity may appear to be less frequent but nonetheless cause serious harm to individuals and society as a whole.

This discussion document examines a range of complex types of criminal activity under the broad headings of organised and white-collar crime.

The specific areas covered in detail are:

These types of crime can often attract organised criminals, but can also involve individuals, companies or very ad hoc groups.  While there are interconnections between several of these fields, each gives rise to its own discrete issues and law enforcement responses.

The various activities examined are diverse but have the common characteristic of being complex or requiring a high degree of organisation, in contrast to a great deal of volume crime.  Due to their complexity, the crime control response to these offences typically involves additional strategies over and above those used in traditional law enforcement.

A further feature of these crimes is that they are rapidly evolving and increasingly enabled by new technologies. Accordingly, an important objective of this discussion document is to seek to identify emerging trends with a view to ensuring that the White Paper on Crime anticipates future challenges as far as possible.

Questions raised in the document include:


Third Discussion Document - 'Organised and White Collar Crime' - Summary of Consultation Outcomes

In April 2011, the Department of Justice and Equality published two documents summarising the feedback received on the White Paper on Crime Discussion Document, 'Organised and White Collar Crime' (October 2010).

The first of these, Third Discussion Document - White Paper on Crime , outlines the written submissions received by the Department in response to public advertisements for submissions.

The second, prepared by the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) records the views expressed at a consultation seminar on white collar crime which was held in November 2010, and facilitated by Dr. Barry Vaughan, NESC.


Issues raised during the consultation include: