Details on the types of firearms dealership registration is set out below.


Types of Firearms Dealership Registration

1. Dealer in Ammunition only

This is registration to deal in the sale and purchase of ammunition for shotguns, unrifled airguns and rifled firearms of a calibre not exceeding .22 inches only.  The fee for registration is €75 for 3 years.  See steps below for more information on registering.


2. Dealer in Firearms and Ammunition

This is a general registration to deal in all non-restricted firearms.  This category would include paintball operators.  The fee is €1,000 for 3 years.  See steps below for more information on registering.


3. Authorisation to Trade in Restricted Firearms

You must first be registered as a dealer in firearms and ammunition before you can apply for authorisation to deal in restricted firearms.  The fee is €500 for 3 years.


Contact details:

Please contact us for more information on registering and an application form.

Contact Details
Address: Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit
  Department of Justice
  51 St. Stephen’s Green
  Dublin 2
  D02 HK52


4. Dealer in Realistic Imitation Firearms

For dealers who sell realistic imitation firearms including airsoft and non-functioning replicas, this Register is currently been established. Pre-registrations are invited - see steps below for more information on registering.


Registering as a Firearms Dealer

Registering as a Dealer in Realistic Imitation Firearms

The Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act 1990 was amended by section 40 of the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009.  It will, on the commencement of the legislation, be an offence for any person to import, manufacture, sell, repair, test, expose for sale, or possess for sale, repair or test by way of trade or business any realistic imitation firearm unless they are registered with the Department of Justice.

If you are running a business involving realistic imitation firearms, such as a shop selling airsoft guns or replicas, you should pre-register with us now.