The Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2017 (as initiated) was published on the 13th January 2017.  The Bill and the accompanying Explanatory and Financial Memorandum are available at the links below:

Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2017

Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2017 Explanatory and Financial Memorandum

Regulatory Impact Analysis Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill


The Report of the Working Group on Legislation on Periodic Payment Orders is a report of the deliberations of an inter-departmental working group that was set up by the Department of Justice and Equality to advise on legislation on periodic payment orders.   The Government agreed in May 2015 on the General Scheme of a Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill to provide for periodic payment orders, based on the recommendations of the Working Group.

The Revised Draft General Scheme of a Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill was published on 27 May 2015.