Legal requirements for establishment of Community CCTV schemes

Community CCTV may be authorised in areas to which the public have access. This type of CCTV is governed by section 38(3)(c) of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 and the Garda Síochána (CCTV) Order 2006 (SI No 289 of 2006).

This legal framework requires that any proposed community CCTV scheme must:

  • be approved by the local Joint Policing Committee,
  • have the prior support of the relevant local authority, which must act as data controller, and
  • have the authorisation of the Garda Commissioner.


Useful links for those planning to establish a local community CCTV system

Any group that is interested in establishing a community CCTV system in its area should make early contact with local Garda management (local Chief Superintendent) and the relevant local authority for assistance. 

Find your local Joint Policing Committee at this link Joint Policing Committee Contact Details

Find your Local Authority at this link

For an application form to apply for the Garda Commissioner’s Authorisation to operate a Community based CCTV Scheme you can email the Secretary of the CCTV Advisory Committee at

Guidance on Data Protection is available from the Data Protection Commission at -


Community based CCTV Grant Aid Scheme

A grant aid scheme is administered by the Department of Justice for establishment, upgrade or extension of Community CCTV systems which meet the legal requirements set out above.   Full information on the grant aid scheme is available on the Department of Justice website – Details of CCTV Grant Aid Scheme