A grant aid scheme to support community based CCTV was established in 2017, in pursuance of the Programme for a Partnership Government commitment to provide investment in CCTV systems. The scheme is intended to support local communities wishing to install and maintain CCTV security systems in their area, with the aim of increasing public safety and deterring illegal or anti-social behaviour. The grant aid scheme is now in its third year.

The grant aid scheme initially made funding available to meet the capital cost of establishing a new CCTV system, up to a maximum of €40,000 or 60% of the total cost of the system.


In response to feedback received, the scheme has now been expanded to include:

  1. extension or upgrade of existing CCTV systems which are incomplete or obsolete; and

  2. availability of an additional once-off grant of up to €5,000 for minor maintenance costs of CCTV systems.


To be eligible to apply for grant funding, proposed CCTV systems must meet the legal requirements for CCTV. This means that before applying for funding, Community CCTV systems must:


Groups meeting these legal requirements who are interested to receive funding for their scheme are invited to read the attached documents for further detail on the scheme. 

Support and assistance is also available by contacting the Department at fundsadmin-comm-based-cctv@justice.ie


Community based CCTV grant aid application form and related documentation


You will also find it helpful to read the Technical Specification Document PD 004 and the Code of Practice PD 001