2015 Employee Survey on Work, Management and Change

In 2015, as part of the Programme for Change, the Department commissioned the Link Research Institute, Dublin City University, to undertake a survey of employees’ views and experiences of work.  The findings from the Survey which the Research Team at Dublin City University has compiled based on the survey results, have been published.

The Department is taking the necessary steps to address the areas identified in the Report by DCU as requiring interventions and will seek to build on the identified strengths, enabling this Department to become a more capable and effective Organisation in the future.

The findings of the survey will be used as a baseline to measure ourselves against and will use a survey tool in 2016 and subsequent years to test that the actions we take result in the change required.

The challenges faced by this Department are similar to those faced by the Civil Service generally and a similar survey is shortly to be conducted across all Government Departments - we will be working on these issues together with colleagues in all Departments as part of the process of Civil Service Renewal.