Launch of Disability Participation and Consultation Network

The effective participation of, and consultation with, persons with disabilities in the development of policy and legislation is regarded as paramount under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

The Department of Justice (Ireland’s designated Focal Point and Coordination Mechanism under the UNCRPD)[1] is establishing a new Disability Participation and Consultation Network, which will ensure, through the development and implementation of a new participation and consultation model, that Ireland fulfils this obligation. The model will facilitate direct consultation and active engagement with persons with disabilities in a meaningful and committed way.

Expressions of Interest are now sought from:

The Organising Member will be tasked with providing administrative and organisational support, including training to the Network and Grant-Funded members will be Disabled Persons Organisations grant supported in order to facilitate their membership of the Network, develop their capabilities and run consultations on behalf of the Network.

A separate process will be undertaken in the coming weeks to register Non-Grant Funded Members (who can be DPOs, or suitably qualified individuals and organisations) who will engage in the work of the Participation and Consultation Network.

The Network’s key immediate task will be to organise and provide commentary on Ireland’s Initial State Report under the UNCRPD. 

Expressions of Interest should be made by completing an application form available below. Application Information documents for the Organising Member and Grant-Funded Members are also available and should be referred to when completing an application. 



Organising Member

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Grant-Funded Member

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[1] Following the announcement of the formation of the Department of Children, Disability, Equality and Integration, transfer of a number of functions of the Department of Justice will occur, including those referred to in this document. As such, when the transfer of functions occurs, responsibility for this Open Call process and the resulting Disability Participation and Consultation Network and related grant agreements will transfer to the new Department.