The Explosives Division has responsibility for the administration of the Explosives Act 1875.

It deals with the ongoing development of explosives policy and legislation and its role includes the management of the explosives inspection and licensing functions.  This also entails the provision of advice on a wide range of technical matters relating to explosives, including the carriage of explosives by road.

The Division has responsibility for ensuring compliance with market surveillance requirements in respect of explosives and pyrotechnics and for the transposition and implementation of EU explosives legislation, including obligations arising under various EU Directives and Regulations relating to explosives, pyrotechnics and explosive precursors.

Explosives are strictly controlled and a person may not import, store or manufacture explosives without a licence.  Transport and sale of explosives is also controlled by regulations.

Explosives include:

Certain substances such as ammonium nitrate, sodium chlorate, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate also come under the control of the explosives regulations, as they are deemed to be explosives for the purposes of the Act.

Use of explosives is not controlled by the Explosives Act, but is regulated by the Health and Safety Authority.

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