Introduction by the Chair, Senator Martin McAleese 

Executive Summary



Part I - Mandate, historical context and archives

Chapter 1: Terminology

Chapter 2: Establishment, membership and mandate of the Committee 

Chapter 3: History of the Magdalen Laundries and institutions within the scope of the Report

Chapter 4: Working methods, procedures and data protection

Chapter 5: Relevant legislation

Chapter 6: Archive of the Committee's work


Part II – Statistical analysis

Chapter 7: Sources and methodology for statistical analysis

Chapter 8: Findings of statistical analysis 


Part III –State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries

Chapter 9: Routes of entry to the Magdalen Laundries (A): Criminal Justice System 

Chapter 10: Routes of entry to the Magdalen Laundries (B): Industrial and Reformatory Schools 

Chapter 11: Routes of entry to the Magdalen Laundries (C): Health authorities and Social Services

Chapter 12: The Factories Acts and Regulation of the Workplace

Chapter 13: Financial (A): State Funding and Financial Assistance

Chapter 14: Financial (B): State contracts for laundry services 

Chapter 15: Financial (C): Taxation, Commercial Rates, Social Insurance and other

Chapter 16: Death registration, burial and exhumation

Chapter 17: Other areas of State involvement 


Part IV – Other frequently asked questions relating to the operation of the Magdalen Laundries

Chapter 18: Non-state routes of entry to the Magdalen Laundries

Chapter 19: Living and working conditions 

Chapter 20: Financial viability of the Magdalen Laundries 



Index of Appendices 

Appendix 1: Interim Report

Appendix 2: Maps 

Appendix 3: List compiled by Maria Luddy

Appendix 4: Statistical analysis

Appendix 5: 1941 Memo by Probation Office

Appendix 6: Industrial Schools circular 1924 

Appendix 7: 1942 Education Memo on charges involving immorality 

Appendix 8: 1933 Industrial School Rules 

Appendix 9: 1906 list of institutions accepting inspection 

Appendix 10: Sample Factories Act forms 

Appendix 11: 1965 Industry and Commerce letter 

Appendix 12: Green Book extracts 

Appendix 13: 1969 letter on social insurance 

Appendix 14: Rationing Circular 

Appendix 15: 1942 letter on rationing