People not normally resident in this State who wish to import a firearm for holiday or sporting purposes, including clay pigeon and target shooting, must be in possession of an Irish firearm certificate for non-residents relating to the firearm.

In addition, visitors from a member state of the EU must be in possession of a valid European Firearms Pass (EFP).

Stun guns, CS gas spray, and pepper spray all are totally prohibited in Ireland and firearm certificates are not granted for these weapons.

Crossbows, spearguns and air guns (including air rifles) with a muzzle energy greater than one joule are classified as firearms in Ireland, so these cannot be brought into the State unless you have an Irish firearm certificate for non-residents.

Further information:

Full details, including an application form, are available from the Garda superintendent of the district in which you intend to shoot or online from the Garda website.