Why is the Department moving to a new operating model?

The Programme moves the Department from a traditional, divisional structure to a functional structure and is the largest change programme in the Department’s history.

The Department’s traditional structure, with people organised by subject matter (e.g. Policing, Equality), has at times in the past struggled to service effectively the depth and breadth of the responsibilities under the Department’s remit.

Today’s world is globally integrated, with rapidly evolving digital technologies, a more complex international political and security environment combined with a more demanding climate of public scrutiny and accountability. This operating environment requires a new operating model that increases both agility and capacity.

In line with ERG recommendations, the work of the Department has been aligned under a Civil Justice and Equality Pillar and a Criminal Justice Pillar.

In the new operating model, the work in each Pillar will be structured by functional areas - ‘what is done’, e.g. Policy, Service Delivery. Both pillars will be  supported by central enabling functions of Corporate, Transparency and European Affairs. Images of our previous structure are available here




The new model will create a better organisational platform for:

The Department has embraced the challenge and opportunities our new model will present, enabling us to better respond to the challenges of the 21st century working world, strengthening our capability and leadership, in line with the ERG recommendations and broader Civil Service Renewal Plan.