317. Deputy Niall Collins asked the Minister for Justice and Equality if she will provide in tabular form the number of prisoners currently on temporary release, broken down by prison; the type of offence of which the prisoner was convicted; and if she will make a statement on the matter. [8846/15]


Minister for Justice and Equality (Deputy Frances Fitzgerald): As the Deputy may be aware the Irish Prison Service collates and publishes the prisoner population breakdown including numbers on temporary release on a daily basis and this information is available on the Irish Prison Service website The information requested by the Deputy is set out in the tables.
On 2nd March 2015 there were 509 prisoners (11.5%) on temporary release across the prison system. This included 144 prisoners who were serving less than 3 months solely for the non-payment of a Court ordered fine and 173 prisoners who were on structured temporary release programmes such as the Community Return Programme or Community Support Scheme.
The legislative basis for making decisions on temporary release are fully set out in the Criminal Justice Act 1960, as amended by the Criminal Justice (Temporary Release of Prisoners) Act 2003.
A prisoner may apply through the prison Governor for consideration for temporary release. Their family or their legal representative can also apply for consideration of such a concession. It is very important to note that it does not necessarily follow that a prisoner will receive temporary release even if the recommendation made by the prison authorities and/or therapeutic services is to that effect. Each application is considered on its individual merits and a number of factors are taken into account when making a decision on whether to grant temporary release.
The Deputy will be aware that the Irish Prison Service Three Year Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and the Joint Prison Service/Probation Service Strategic Plan 2013-2015 includes working towards the objective of ensuring that all prisoners released early from custody are placed on appropriate structured programme of temporary release.
The Community Return Scheme is an initiative whereby carefully selected prisoners, serving sentences between 1 year and 8 years, can be granted reviewable temporary release coupled with a requirement to do community service work such as painting, gardening or graffiti removal in a supervised group setting. The type of work involved is intended to assist the community and the scheme is involved with a large number of charitable organisations and local community groups.
In addition to Community Return, a Community Support Scheme has also been introduced to reduce recidivism rates of short term prisoners by arranging for additional support structures post release and by providing for a more structured form of temporary release.
Table 1. Breakdown by Establishment

Establishment Total
Castlerea Prison 22
Cloverhill Remand Prison 16
Cork Prison 107
Limerick Prison 67
Loughan House 16
Midlands Prison 40
Mountjoy Prison (Female) 41
Mountjoy Prison (Male) 117
Portlaoise Prison 3
Shelton Abbey 7
The Training Unit 22
Wheatfield Place of Detention 51
Total 509
Table 2. Breakdown by Offence Group
Offence Group Description Total
Homicide Offences 1
Attempts/Threat to Murder, Assaults, Harassments and Related Offences 50
Dangerous or Negligent Acts 26
Kidnapping and Related Offences 2
Robbery, Extortion and Hijacking Offences 15
Burglary and Related Offences 24
Theft and Related Offences 79
Fraud, Deception and Related Offences 17
Controlled Drug Offences 147
Weapons and Explosives Offences 11
Damage to Property and the Environment 8
Public Order and Social Code Offences 23
Road and Traffic Offences 77
Offences re Government, Justice Procedures and Organisation of Crime 19
Offences Not Elsewhere Classified 10
Total 509