336. Deputy Niall Collins asked the Minister for Justice and Equality if there is a deadline by which he expects Ireland’s commitment to admit 4,000 persons under the relocation and resettlement programmes will be met; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [30665/19]


Minister of State at the Department of Justice and Equality (Deputy David Stanton): In 2015, as part of Ireland's response to the migration crisis in central and southern Europe, the Government established the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP). Under this programme, the Government committed to accepting up to 4,000 people into the State, primarily through a combination of the EU Relocation Programme and the UNHCR's Refugee Resettlement Programme. 
 The Government Decision to accept 4,000 persons into the State did not contain a deadline, but the relocation mechanism, in particular, did carry a time limit of approximately two years to end on 31 December 2017. This was extended to 31 March 2018.  In total, 1,022 people were welcomed in Ireland under the EU relocation mechanism, which fulfilled Ireland's commitment to this strand of the Programme. 
A total of 2,555 people have arrived in Ireland to date under the various strands of the IRPP, 51 of whom are unaccompanied minors.  A further 60 refugees are due to arrive in the coming weeks.
An IRPP mission to Lebanon in March 2019 selected 331 refugees for resettlement to Ireland.  A further mission to Jordan later this month will select approximately 300 refugees. This will complete Ireland’s commitment to admit 1,985 programme refugees under the resettlement strand of the IRPP.   The remaining refugees are due to arrive in Ireland during the remainder of 2019.
The IRPP programme also includes the IRPP Humanitarian Admission Programme under which Irish citizens, programme refugees, Convention refugees and persons with subsidiary protection can apply for family members to come to Ireland where those persons are living in the top 10 refugee generating countries.  530 persons are being admitted to Ireland this year under that programme.  
The following table shows the current state of commitments made and the number of persons welcomed to Ireland as part of the IRPP. 
Commitments and Arrivals as part of the IRPP

 - Commitment Arrivals Remaining
EU Relocation Strand (concluded on 31 March 2018) 1,022 1,022 -
Of which are unaccompanied minors 6 6 -
UNHCR-led Resettlement Strand 1,985 1,335 650
Calais Special Project 41 41 -
Unaccompanied minors:  Greece / Malta 60 - 60
Total unaccompanied minors 101 41 60
IRPP Humanitarian Admission Programme 2018/19 530 99 431
Mediterranean search and rescue missions      
Adults 54 54 -
Unaccompanied minors 9 4 5
Total from search and Rescue missions 63 58 5
Mechanism as yet undecided 299 - 299
Total IRPP Commitment/Arrivals 4,000 2,555 1,445