1443. Deputy Mary Lou McDonald asked the Minister for Justice further to Parliamentary Question No. 670 of 3 March 2021, the date on which she expects to receive the independent study into familicide and domestic homicide reviews commissioned in May 2019. [19702/21]


Minister for Justice (Deputy Helen McEntee): The Justice Plan 2021, our plan to build a justice system that works for everyone, commits to publishing the independent research study on Familicide and Domestic Homicide Reviews and to outlining the next steps.
Ms Maura Butler, who is a solicitor and has been a member of the Study’s Advisory Group since its establishment, is leading the work to complete this study. I would emphasise the importance of recognising that the Advisory Group and their work is independent, and my Department is not involved in the work of the study nor is it a member of the Advisory Group.
I understand from the Study Lead, that the focus now is on the fair procedures part of the process and that this involves allowing any persons or organisations who might be affected by the contents of the draft report (including the families concerned) to be given an opportunity to reply. Invariably, this part of the process can take time as it involves engaging with multiple parties. However, it is an essential part of the process and must be completed before the report can be finalised. The Study Lead is working extremely hard to complete the process in order to be able to proceed to finalising the report.
I am committed to publishing the report and considering the recommendations it makes as a priority.