Launch of the Irish Refugee Council’s Study: Transitioning: from Direct Provision to Life in the Community

20 July 2016


Minister Stanton: Each of us can help to enable those leaving direct provision to integrate successfully into our society


Mr David Stanton T.D., Minister of State for Justice with special responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration, spoke today at the launch of the Irish Refugee Council’s Study: Transitioning: from Direct Provision to Life in the Community.

The Minister said “The study reminds us that we need to take action to promote integration. Integration needs to work for refugees, for those leaving the direct provision system but also for the communities within which they will settle. I plan to use the Migrant Integration Strategy as the framework for action on integration.”

The IRC Study outlines the experiences of a number of people who have transitioned from direct provision accommodation to life in the community after they have received their permission to remain in the State. It indicates that they can often need support to enable them to make a successful transition from direct provision.

In this regard, the Minister pointed to the introduction of a new booklet “Your Guide to Independent Living” which was published by the Department of Justice and Equality earlier this year which provides information for those leaving direct provision on accessing a range of public services. The Minister indicated that further work is in train to assist those making the transition out of direct provision.

The Minister added “This IRC study highlights for me the increasing need for State and civil society actors to work together to identify things that need to change – as well as managing the expectations of those who wish to make their new homes in Ireland.”

The Minister concluded “Settling into a new community is a complex process. However, I firmly believe that the process of moving from direct provision and getting the chance to plant roots here in Ireland is also a journey of hope. Each of us can play our part in turning that feeling of hope into a positive future for former asylum seekers.”


Note for Editors

The Programme for Partnership Government states:

“Long durations in direct provision are acknowledged to have a negative impact on family life. We are therefore committed to reforming the Direct Provision system, with particular focus on families and children.”

Since the publication of the McMahon Report “Report to Government on Improvements to the Protection Process, including Direct Provision and Supports to Asylum Seekers”, the government has given the implementation of the International Protection Act the highest priority. A sound but efficient application process will reduce the length of time people spend in RIA accommodation before a final decision on their application is made.

‘Your Guide to Living Independently’ is an information booklet compiled for people who have been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection status, or permission to remain in Ireland. It provides an overview of what to expect under the headings: Accommodation; Finances; Employment; Healthcare as well as information about utility bills, banking and driving. It is now available on the RIA website: in 6 languages (Urdu; Pashtu; Farsi; French Arabic and English)