Launch of consultation process on draft National Standards for Accommodation offered to People in the Protection Process


August 16th


The Department of Justice and Equality is today launching a consultation process on draft National Standards for Accommodation offered to People in the Protection Process.  The standards, once finalised, will govern services provided to those in the protection process by contractors working on behalf of Reception and Integration Agency (RIA).


The Working Group on Standards in Direct Provision, chaired by Judge McMahon, recommended the setting up of a Standards Advisory Group to ensure that standards in accommodation provided on behalf of the Irish State are suitable for the needs of those seeking Ireland's protection. Following on from this, draft National Standards have been developed by the Standards Advisory Group made up of interdepartmental staff, members of NGOs and representative groups. The draft National Standards consist of three interconnected strands Governance / Accommodation / People, each prepared by a suitably informed working group. 


The draft National Standards are intended to meet the standards set out in both EASO Guidance on Reception Conditions: Operational Standards and Indicators and Directive 2013/33/EU (the recast Reception Conditions Directive).  As drafted, they have taken cognisance of the responsibility to promote equality, prevent discrimination and protect the human rights of residents, employees, customers and everyone affected by policies and plans as defined by public sector equality and human rights duty (s. 42 Irish Human Rights and Equality Act 2014).


The Department of Justice and Equality will run consultation meetings with residents of the centres and service providers, organisations and people working with residents.  Those with a specialisation in the development of quality standards are encouraged to review the draft standards and submit comments through the online feedback form.


Details on how to submit information under the consultation process: 

1. Review the draft National Standards for accommodation offered to people in the protection process

2. To ensure that comments can be directed towards improving the Standards and Indicators developed, respondents are strongly encouraged to provide comments by completing the online feedback form.

3. Any queries please contact

4. Deadline for feedback is 25 September 2018. 


Further information can be found at