Ministers Flanagan and Stanton express grave concern at reports of fire at Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey


Ministers reaffirm State’s commitment to providing accommodation and support for asylum seekers


12 February 2019


The Minister for Justice and Equality, Mr Charlie Flanagan TD, and the Minister of State with responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration, Mr David Stanton TD, have expressed their grave concern at reports of a fire last night in the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey.


Speaking this morning, Minister Flanagan said: “I am deeply concerned and disappointed at the reports of the fire, which broke out in the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey last night. This comes just five weeks after the previous fire at the hotel. This pattern of behaviour represents an unacceptable and worrying development and should be condemned by all.  The person or people responsible for this attack have shown a reckless disregard for the safety of human life and no respect for private property. The owners of the hotel had just completed the necessary repairs to the property from the last fire and the damage will now have to be assessed again for the second time this year.”


Minister Stanton expressed his relief that there was no serious injury or loss of life in the incident and his concern at the impact of the two fires in quick succession on the local community: “Thankfully, there were no residents in place when the incident occurred. The security personnel on site were unharmed and managed to bring the fire quickly under control thanks to their immediate response. We know that the events last night will have been deeply distressing for the community in Rooskey, as indeed they were five weeks ago. We are committed to working with the community and offering whatever support and reassurances we can”.


Minister Flanagan reiterated the State’s commitment to providing accommodation and supports for asylum seekers and said any acts of this nature are completely unacceptable: “We must ensure that people arriving to seek our protection can be offered shelter, food and any urgent medical care that they require. Incidents like those in Rooskey and in Moville in Donegal impede our ability to provide these compassionate services on behalf of the people of Ireland. Asylum seekers come to Ireland seeking the protection of the State. An act of hatred against the most vulnerable in society is an attack on society itself.”


A Garda technical examination of the scene is underway.