International Protection strand of the regularisation scheme for long-term undocumented migrants now open for applications



7 February 2022


The Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, TD, has today opened the international protection strand of the regularisation scheme for long-term undocumented migrants.


Applications for this separate international protection strand will be accepted from 10:00am today for six months until 7 August 2022, when the strand will close.


The International Protection Office (IPO) of the Department has begun contacting potentially eligible applicants with further details.


Application forms, which can be downloaded from the IPO’s website at  must be submitted by email to


Opening the international protection strand, Minister McEntee said,


“I am delighted to now be able to open the international protection strand of the scheme for long-term undocumented migrants. This separate strand allows international protection applicants who have an outstanding application for international protection and have been in the asylum process for a minimum of 2 years to apply. There is no fee for making an application under this dedicated strand of the scheme.


“I am conscious of the recommendation made by the Expert Advisory Group, led by Dr Catherine Day, regarding people who have been in the protection process for two years or more. This approach is in line with that recommendation, and will help to clear the backlog of current cases.


“The Government is keen to ensure that we address any legacy asylum cases so that the new system envisaged under the White Paper can come into operation in 2024. I am committed to reducing processing times of both first instance decisions and appeals to 6 months respectively, which will ultimately benefit everyone in the protection process.”



Applicants who are eligible under the international protection strand of the scheme:



Applicants must meet standards regarding good character and criminal record/behaviour and not pose a threat to the State. Having convictions for minor offences will not, by itself, result in disqualification.


Further details regarding the qualifying criteria, the required documentation, and how to apply for the international protection strand is available on the IPO’s website at


Applications from people who are not currently in the international protection process should be made under the mainstream Regularisation of Long-Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme. The Minister also provided an update on the progress of this Scheme following its launch on 31 January: 


The once-in-a-generation scheme to regularise thousands of undocumented migrants opened for applications last Monday. During the first week, almost 1,000 applications have been received through the online application platform.  This is a really positive start and I would encourage everyone who is eligible to apply to do so during the six month application window.


Full details regarding the qualifying criteria, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document and the required documentation for this part of the Scheme is available on the Department's website at:





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