Below are submission from members:

Department of Children and Youth Affairs

  1. Briefing Paper on Monitoring of Direct Provision
  2. Draft Note on Child Safeguarding and Child Protection (20/01/2015)
  3. Paper re. Children in Direct Provision DRAFT (20/11/2014)
  4. Protection Working Group - children - proposal (26/11/14)
  5. Protection Working Group Meeting re Children (24/11/2014)
  6. Summary and recommendation regarding Inspection of Direct Provision

Department of Social Protection

  1. Department of Social Protection paper - Payments to Direct Provision (27 Nov 2014)
  2. Department of Social Protection paper - Supports available to protection applicants granted status

Dr Ciara Smyth, NUI Galway

  1. Standards in protection decision-making
  2. What one would expect to see in the Protection Bill 2015 from a child

Jesuit Refugee Service Ireland

  1. Consultation with Direct Provision Residents – JRS Ireland Proposal (Submitted 17/11/2014)
  2. No End in Sight – JRS Ireland Working Paper (Submitted 28/11/2014)
  3. Living with Dignity – JRS Ireland Draft Working Paper (Submitted 14/01/2015)
  4. Evaluating the Right to Work – JRS Ireland Working Paper (Submitted 24/02/2015)
  5. Long Stayer Scheme – JRS Ireland Discussion Paper (Submitted 06/03/2015)
  6. Direct Provision Weekly Allowance - JRS Ireland Proposal (Submitted on 28/11/2014)



  1. UNHCR and IRC Literature List compiled for Working Group (28 November 2014)
  2. UNHCR Background note on quality asylum procedures and update on the Refugee Appeals Tribunal (RAT) (2 March 2015)
  3. UNHCR Initiatives for long stayers in other European countries paper for theme 3 Sub Group (7 March 2015)
  4. UNHCR Note on transitional supports for persons exiting DP (5 Dec 2014)


Nasc- The Irish Immigrant Support Centre

  1. Nasc Proposal on House Rules and Complaints Procedures
  2. Nasc Proposal on Theme 1 &2 - Revised
  3. Nasc Proposal on Right to Work
  4. Nasc Submission on Direct Provision and Irelands protection system
  5. Nasc Proposal on dealing with legacy issues