What changes can be expected

Many of the changes that are taking place are internal to the Department, so members of the public are unlikely to notice any immediate or significant changes in the short term.  The purpose of introducing a new operating model is ultimately to enable the Department to better meet the needs of the public whom we serve, the Oireachtas to whom we are accountable and our Ministers whom we support in the execution of their democratic functions.

Throughout the Programme however we have made considerable effort to minimise any disruption to stakeholders, in particular those who access the Department’s services, such as our immigration services.

Given the scale of change being introduced it is anticipated that there will be changes for a number of different stakeholder groups that interact with the Department. To date, a number of focused briefings and communications have taken place with key stakeholders such as Oireachtas members and committees, other government Departments, Justice sector Non-Governmental Organisations and Agencies and Bodies under the aegis of the Department.  Further engagement with key stakeholders will continue through the Autumn.

If you have questions about how the Transformation Programme may impact you or your organisation, you can contact info@justice.ie with your query.