Fireworks, because they are explosives, are regulated under national and EU legislation and can only be imported into the country under licence and stored and sold in accordance with the explosives law.  Fireworks are categorised into four categories, depending on their hazard and whether they require specialist knowledge to use them.   The least hazardous is Category 1 and the most hazardous is Category 4.

Since 4 July 2010 Category 1 fireworks (very low hazard) are on sale to the general public while all other categories are only available for use in organised displays by professional operators.  An importation licence is required in the first instance.   For more information please see:

Fireworks Information Notice

Fireworks are not only dangerous, there are severe criminal penalties that apply. Read our  Fireworks Information Notice.
Guidance Documents

General Guidance on Fireworks in Ireland -  Public Information Leaflet - Revised 22 August 2017 (PDF - 294KB)

Guidance on Legal Obligations for Importers, Distributors and Retailers of Fireworks for sale - Revised 22 August 2017 (PDF - 143KB)

Guidance Document on Organised Pyrotechnic Displays (PDF - 606KB)

Guidance Document for Storage of Pyrotechnic Articles in Retail and Distribution Centres - Revised 22 August 2017 (PDF - 106KB)

Application forms for the Import of Fireworks

Application form for the importation of fireworks intended for sale (Form EX3) (Updated 19-08-21 MS Word)

Application for a licence to import pyrotechnics for organised pyrotechnic displays (Form EX4) (Updated 19-08-21 MS Word)

EU Legislation

Directive 2013/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 2013 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of pyrotechnic articles (recast) (PDF 1.1MB)

National Legislation

S.I 174 of 2015 - European Union (Making Available on the Market of Pyrotechnic Articles) Regulations 2015 (PDF 147KB)

Safety Warning

Please note the following Safety Warning on the sale and distribution of pyrotechnics for use at private parties and public events:

Safety Warning - Sale and Distribution of Pyrotechnics by Entertainment Organisers (PDF - 22KB)

Storing Explosives

For information on the storage of pyrotechnics  - See Storing Explosives also.


Labelling of Christmas Crackers

Following on from the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union there may be consequences regarding the labelling requirements for Christmas Crackers. One specific requirement is that the Christmas Crackers may need to be labelled with the contact details of the economic operator who imports the crackers into Ireland. The full details of when this is necessary is explained in the link below.

Labelling of Christmas Crackers 15 Oct 2021


Contact details:

If any queries please contact Explosives Unit of the Department of Justice at:

Phone: 01 4768625